Based in Brixton, South London, surroundAV is the leading UK company using Ambisonics  - the Art and Science of creating true surround sound – practically

So-called 3D or surround sound systems currently available generally operate in only two dimensions – Ambisonics provides the extra dimension of height creating a fully immersive sound field – the way you actually hear

surroundAV  manufactures and supplies hardware and software for the control of sound in all three dimensions,based on the lakeDSP HURON processor and custom software.

The system is designed to work with any audio/MIDI sequencer (Logic/Pro Tools) or live audio material (Band/Play).

surroundAV  provides purpose built fully interactive

products for sound designers, lighting engineers, musicians, AV producers and directors, digital artists, choreographers, art installation designers, architects and specific environments

We’ve Got You Surrounded!


For further details, contact Tim Scott –  +44 (0) 208 671 2223